Happy October, Everbody! Carmilla 2 has wrapped, turkey weekend looms, and it's nose to the grindstone on not one, but two exciting playwrighting projects!

First things first, this August I was lucky enough to attend La Mama's Annual Playwrighting Retreat in Umbria with Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and a host of talented playwrights. Two concentrated weeks of silent mornings and afternoon workshops in a remodelled monastery in the olive-covered foothills of Spoletoand with our own local chef to boot. It was a spectacular opportunity and some much-needed space after the chaos that opened up 2015. 

And while I was kicking around Italy, Carmilla was nominated for a Streamywhich is such a terrific testament to the phenomenal work done by our terrific cast and crew!

Now that I'm back in Vancouver, I've headed right back into development for upcoming shows: Kayak is going up with Theatre Conspiracy in Fort Myers, Florida in Januarywhere I'm thrilled to be part of a season of all-female playwrights, including Lillian Hellman, Lydia Diamond, and Anne Washburn. How to Survive an Apocalypse had a stellar workshop in late September, and I'm neck-deep in rewrites for the production draft for June. And all the while, research and planning continue for Rate of Loss, which I'm developing in collaboration with Up in the Air Theatre for 2017.

Finally, I'm thrilled to announced that one of my short pieces for the Enpipe Line Plays vs. Pipelines Relay has been included in the selections for Elaine Avila, Chantal Bilodeau, and Caridad Svich's Climate Change Theatrical Action, in support of COP21. And now, back to work!